We have little hope of surviving the

“Gargantuan Release

of Methane Hydrates

now underway in the shallow

Arctic basin.

Should that release continue, 

there will be NO survival.

Regardless of all efforts to do so.


This message is repeated

including the

Grim Reasons and Portents at



Note “The Message” I posted at

for individuals who may be able

to help contribute to a solution.

Such aside:

The most that America

can now do


“The Right Thing"


Force the Release

of the

Child Hostages.


It doesn’t matter what

President Trump

does with his non-stop

ego driven self-promotion

and his Sick




the Child Hostages.


Due the Non-Stop

Global HeatRise

being further

prodded by that

sudden but expected release:

We shall turn upon each other,

probably as soon as this October;

as we face the Last Stage of

Societal Collapse.

To continue:



We’re Done!

Its Slow Talks! And Long Walks

as we try to explain,

to each other and our Children,

why we permitted such to happen!

A sorrowful inclusion / conclusion:

The best we can now do, for everyone,


is to supply all,

“On Demand

with “PSP’s

(Personal Solution Pills)

as a means to end their Lives without

the involvement of others.


make such


Over the Counter at ALL pharmacys.

October 26, 2018

We have avoided disaster!

Some Arctic Ice remains!

Where it is needed most to prevent

that Giant Release of Methane!

However, the Arctic Heat Rise Continues!

Our Sole Chance of initiating a

“Negative FeedBack”

possibility is to 

Heed The Message

🦊 🦊

   <>  © Daniel J. Lavigne 2017