Our Immediate Survival is Threatened!

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Trump! Its FRIDAY, Oct. 13TH. 2017  Remember Ceasar and the Ides of “March” and consider asking for your “Walking Papers!”. . . . As my words add weight to all other efforts to Sink You show promise as those bubbles, tiny bubbles, make their way to the Sky! However, back to the task at hand! Get your glasses! Read!


The "American Stupidity Sucks” factor!

The ASS Factor kicked in


You’re leading America to disaster! 

A necessary interruption:

The Las Vegas shooter specifically chose to research such venues with ONE goal in mind. To inform all of the contempt shared by “Thinkers” for a society that, continuing to fund plans and preparations to

Mass Murder Millions,

Claims it Doesn’t Know Why

it continues to applaud the murder of

Blacks by White Police Officers. Period. 

To help all remember the madness

you have set loose upon each other,

here is a bit of poetry:

Lynch The Law!

Lynch The Law! Hang It High!

Let it Swing! ’Til Racism Dies!

Lynch The Fools! & Lynch Their Tools!

The Fools In Blue Who Break The Rules!

Lynch THEM HIGH! Ignore Their Cries!

They’re Liars

Who Stole

Black Men's Lives!


Now, the solution to what

Colin Kaepernick

started, for all the right reasons:

America! Humanitys future is looking grim!

For many reasons, most of them centering on our collective greed, we have little hope of surviving the near future “Gargantuan Release" of Hydrates from the shallow Arctic basin.

Sociologists know what we face! Their fear of such has led them to remain silent. Some are trying to purchase property in the Far North in hope of surviving. Should that release happen, 

there will be NO survival,

for anyone. Regardless of their efforts to do so. That is why “I” chose to return to South-East Asia where the impacts will hit first and hardest! I was after all, a long time ago, deemed “A Harsh Aspect Realist”.

The ONLY possibility of

long term survival is to


on such as offered at


and related. Period.


And “you”, the people of America, won’t be able to contribute to any effort to save the whole of Humanity IF you turn on each other. And the HIGH probability is that, as the severity of the crisis dawns on the MAJORITY, there won’t be the necessary social cohesion to do what MUST be done! So, that aside, here is HOW you end the current imbroglio:


to try to save a future for our children:

For every Pro-Athlete who supported

Colin’s “Knee”: "Thank You!” 

That’s from all Americans

who wish to see their Nation heal!

And For and From every American Parent who wants to see all efforts made to save their Children’s future: 

Insist that ALL actions involving the death by force of Black males by White Police Officers be inspected to a point that everyone AGREES with the findings of all necessary investigations!

BTW: The very existence

and public use of the phrase:

"the death by force of Black males

by White Police Officers

Confirms the specific bias

and the need for such investigation.

When such is understood by all,

then, and only then,

might there be

a chance

of achieving societal calm.

When your various Legislative Bodies agree to so act and bring about these changes: 

Commit yourselves to storing all of your personal vehicles!

There will be some who scream its too late!

"Let us continue as before!" 

That can’t be permitted!

Parents! If you wish to


to save a meaningful future

for your progeny,


know what you must do.

Thank you.


The above aside:

Back to our regular attack on Trump etc.


It doesn’t matter what

President Trump

does with his non-stop

ego driven self-promotion.

We have, at most,

until mid-summer 2018

to stop all non-necessary

fossil fuel use.

Otherwise, due the


Global HeatRise

we shall turn

on each other. 

To continue:


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